Fill Your Cup

Having a relationship with God is the most important thing in my life.  While I fall short daily in my walk with Him, I could definitely not make it without Him.  I want to offer a place to come and get daily inspiration, and share time in his word......a place to come and fill your cup.

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A Little Bit of Everything

I am a self proclaimed "Jack of all trades".  I have had my hands in a little bit of everything over my life.  I used to tell my parents I was "well rounded" as I would embark on new adventures.  Here I will share my loves and strengths.  So, dive in to learn and see a little bit of everything.

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Fav of the Week

Check out my weekly fav! From a home décor, to a stylish look, to an amazing product, see what I want to shout from the roof tops on the weekly.

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plan b one step 1.5 mg australia Welcome to WILL & Promise!

Here at WILL & Promise, the main goal is to share amazing things.  God blesses us with so much, so why not share?! This is a place that will share God's word and a little bit of a bunch of other stuff I enjoy.  Hopefully you will find what you are looking for in this happy, little place, but most importantly connect with God.  Enjoy!


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