Pancake Saturday Do you ever feel like the most mediocre mom ever? 😬

I do quite often, actually.

When I think back to my childhood, and remember all the special things we did, I definitely feel like my kids are getting the short end of the stick sometimes.

Our weekday mornings are the normal get to school and work on time hustle.  Weekday breakfast is very basic.  Cereal, toaster waffles, yogurt, etc.  We keep it simple and streamlined.  With three energetic kids, I try to have our days scheduled out.  I feel our family functions the best that way.  We shoot for smooth sailing (it never is, but we sure do strive for it to be).

When the weekend rolls around we like to chill out.  We stay up a little later.  We eat breakfast a little later.  We choose to relax and take it all in.  As for my mom roll, I try to be a little less mediocre on the weekends.  I try to find little ways to bring in that specialness that I experienced in my childhood.

One of my vivid childhood memories involves our Saturday morning ritual.  Every Saturday my mom would cook eggs, bacon, and biscuits for breakfast.  My brother and I would hurry downstairs to the den to start soaking in the Saturday morning cartoons.  Dad and Mom would serve us breakfast on our little Sesame Street table, right there in front of our TV.  I am getting excited now just remembering!  It was the best!! I still get the warm and fuzzies thinking about it.

Now, I get to do something similar with my family.  On Saturdays we do pancakes. It doesn’t matter where we are! We are definitely eating a big, fluffy stack!  Sometimes we go to a restaurant, sometimes we get them at a drive-thru on the go, and sometimes they are made from scratch.  Today, however, our pancakes were good ‘ol Aunt Jemima with Mrs. Butterworth’s.  I sure do love those two ladies.  🙂

While pre-made pancake mix may still keep me in the mediocre mom status, I do try to always spice them up a little.  Today, I simply added some winter sprinkles to make them fun and special for the kids.  Let me just say, they were a BIG hit.

Get these FUN sprinkles here!

I do not always go with the pre-made pancake mix.  Sometimes I start from scratch, but today we went for easy.  I usually tweak the directions on the box just a bit.  I substitute half of the water directed for milk, so half water and half milk.  You can also add goodies to the mix to add more flavor and fun.  Some of my regular additives are:

*Vanilla Extract

*Chocolate Chips

*Seasonal Chips or Candies

*Sliced Strawberries


*Mini Marshmellows and Chocolate Chips (S’mores-mmmm!)

*Pumpkin Pie Spice

Truly the sky is the limit on how you can make your pancakes a little extra special.  I mix our additive in the batter and cook as directed.


Let’s not forget the toppings!!! Below are our favorite toppings!

*Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup

*Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

*Herhey’s Strawberry Syrup

*Hereshey’s Caramel Syrup

*Sprinkles of any kind

*Whipped Cream

*Fresh Fruit

Now with some of these toppings and additives, you best be prepared for a Saturday morning sugar rush!! 😂  I take no responsibility for hyper kiddies.

There are so many simple and affordable things we can do to bring a little magic into our children’s lives. They are only ours for such a short season.  Let’s make all the wonderful memories we can in that time. ❤️  I would love to hear of the fun and memory makers you and your family share.  Please share in the comments below.


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