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Ahhhhhh, Valentine’s Day! I must confess, Valentine’s Day has always been my fav. It started when I was a little kid. I always LOVED all the cuteness that came with this fun holiday. My mom would get us little trinkets, pencils, shirts, pj’s…….anything Valentine’s. I truly loved how adorable everything was. I was also crazy about how nice everyone was on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s makes people OK with letting others know just how much they mean. Whether it be cheesy or not, it is awesome when people act loving and kind toward each other.

Now, I am a mom myself, and I love to share all the things of this holiday with my kids. I get them all the Valentine’s trinkets just as my mom did. I love to dress them in the sweetest Valentine’s get ups. I enjoy sharing love with them. I also take this opportunity to make sure they understand the importance of God’s love. After all, we are only able to love because He first loved us!

I try to sneak little special things into our Valentine’s Day. I love to make special memories with my family. I jump at the opportunity to squeeze in little tidbits of Valentine’s cheer any where possible.

I start the day off with a special little Valentine’s breakfast. Rest assure, this is nothing extravagant. I either add a little red food coloring to their milk or add some red sprinkles to their waffle or toast. I love these Valentine’s sprinkles! Even the smallest effort can help make holidays more fun. We listen to “lovey” music or watch some Valentine’s YouTube videos while we eat our breakfast. With those few little additives, out Valentine’s is off to a fun start.

Heart Puppy Dog Head for Valentine’s Day

Next, when the kids are home from school, I usually have some simple Valentine’s crafts handy for them. This year we made a puppy dog head out of different sized hearts we cut out and painted cute little Valentine’s puzzles my aunt sent in the mail. Both were a big hit! Kids love to get down with some craft time! Again, it is something super cheap and easy that can be done to spread holiday cheer. Get creative and crafty!

After the kids showed off their crafts to each other, I made up a fun little game for them to play. We had a quarter and I had some notebook paper, so I made a heads and tails game for them. It was something fun and super simple, so that the age range of my kids (2 -8 years old) was not an issue. I made a column for heads and a column for tails. The kids took turns flipping the quarter and then did an action from the corresponding column. They laughed and had SO much fun. They stayed entertained playing this game for nearly an hour. It was a win for all of us! Here is what we did: Heads Tails

  1. Kiss someone 1. Hug someone
  2. Do a LOVE dance 2. Jump 10 times while hugging yourself
  3. Gallop around the house 3. Spin 6 times then do a cartwheel
  4. Jump on one foot and make 4. Shake your booty kissing sounds

Seriously?? How simple is that? 🙂 I’m telling you, they LOVED it.

When they were finished with the game, we did a little learning. We learned about the history of Valentine’s day on YouTube, did some devotionals, and they read some Valentine’s books that we have. Our go to books have always been:

  1. Pete the Cat, Valentine’s Day is Cool
  2. Where is Love, Biscuit?
  3. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!
  4. Clifford’s Valentines

For dinner we will have a family Valentine’s dinner. It’s fun to pretend that our house is a fancy restaurant. The kids dress themselves up and come to table for a “nice” dinner. Once again, this is nothing special. Whatever is on our regular menu, whether it is frozen pizza or steak night, I play it up big. We serve them with our “formal” place settings, dim lights, and play smoozy music. We have a blast doing this. It is seriously as simple as it gets, but it makes memories that bring the biggest smile to my face.

I truly get giddy over all holidays. It is so much fun to do little special things to bring joy to everyone. I would love to hear things you do with your loved ones in the comments below. Happy Valentine’s Day! Share the love!

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